This is the translation of a famous quote from St. Augustine in Latin: ” Ama, et fac quod vis.” When we love we connect with the wisdom of our heart. It means there is no sense of separation from God and everyone on earth. We are essentially one with God and all His creation.

Love maybe defined as wishing good to someone according to St. Thomas Aquinas. ” May all beings be well and happy” is the meaning of an ancient Sanskrit prayer: ” Lokaha Samastaha Sukhino Bhavantu.” That would be our constant prayer when we realize that we are essentially limitless love.

As we operate from our heart wisely, we will do what is good for ourselves and others spontaneously. Then there will be no need for external commandments to control our behavior. One needs certain rules, such as traffic rules, to operate in a society.

Moral rules to modify human behavior will not be necessary when man’s consciousness alters radically. It becomes a higher consciousness or cosmic consciousness. That is the next stage in man’s evolution.

Such a leap in consciousness is very much needed now, for humanity and many other species to survive on this earth, . More and more people are moving towards realizing that we are all one human family. We are responsible for the welfare of each and all. Co-operation and not competition in this global economy is the only way out of mutual destruction. Then we will have the resources to save the earth and the environment. Hence the importance of following the wisdom of the heart and acting out of love.