Glory of All Things

Wake up, to all things wake
Nothing for granted take
See the miracle of everything
Life is amazing to the awake.

Big or small, pain or pleasure
To the awake it’s all a wonder
Taste life in all its nuances
Watch in awe as Lord Siva Dances

Frolic and play in creation
As God dreams this universe
And dances away in elation
One hidden in things diverse

Awaking from unknowing we find
We have entered God’s own mind
As his children we joyfully play
When all falsehood we truly slay

Blind and steeped in darkness
Frantic to hide lonely emptiness
At passing phenomena we snatch
On to beliefs and dogmas latch

While Truth pursues us from within
Opens our hearts the truth to hear.
Why our hearts to face we fear!
Love for all things, genuine

Vanity and pretension within
Ignorance and misery prime sin
Fear, anger, hatred follow
Leading one quite low

Life does Love bequeath
Alert and aware, breathe
Grateful for every breath
Peace and Joy, our wealth.

Everything is a miracle
Truly a glorious spectacle
Oh! Life is a merry laughter
Though we may cry or falter.

In God all things are one
She shines in everyone
Saints Her love in action
Sages His wise revelation


Only Love Speaks The Truth

Only love speaks the truth
Everything else is a lie.
Lost in the silly games we play
As lies and pretense
Words and thought escape.
Truth hides deeper within.
Ideas, opinions
Hardened positions
Viewpoints stagnate.
Destruction cause.
Yearning for the light
In darkness dwell.
In confusion serene,
Waiting, open,
No words to distract.
Plunge into pain,
Deep despair
Twist and turn
Searing sadness
Sharp beyond endure.
Silent Witness,
Gentle Surrender.
Great Courage
Facing directly chaos and suffering.
Sorrow conscious of itself heals
Confusion to meaning leads
Embraced by the dark light of love,
Feel the pain
In the mind of plants
Human beings.
Moans, cries and tears fossilized.
No one, nothin excluded.
Soul stealing flute of Krishna
Buddha’s infinite compassion
The saving cross of Jesus
All in the heart of God.
Transcendent One
In the depths of everything
God, God everywhere
Eternity in the flash of a moment
Unity in diversity
Aware and calmly happy
Shining smile,
Sparkling laughter,
Peace, joy
Flow forever from silent love
That alone speaks the truth
Everything else is a lie.


Love Conquers All

Love conquers all, everything
Without subjugating anyone or anything
Love can never, ever lose
In love constant victory you choose
Love is ever free, being truth itself
Hence it reveals to us, our true Self
To speak in silence, love prefers
Its beauty is far beyond words
Love is existence, pure and simple
Awareness utterly vast, yet humble
To one and all, gives reality.
Love is all strength and energy
It is perfection, permanent peace
Love is endless, ever new bliss


Rose In Full Bloom

Rambling down a cobbled pathway,

I stumbled upon a wild rose,

Deep garnet red,

Velveteen petals each curled to perfection,

Luminescent and innocently pretty,

A coy damsel oblivious of her beauty,

Fading away unadored and unsung,

Looking at me, she blushed

I stood love stung, adoring her,

Borrowed a steam bearing a bud

Planted her proudly in my garden,

Ever day, day after day,

I watched my rose break out of its chrysalis,

Groomed it with devout care,

Nurturing it with fertilizer,

Admiring it with every moment,

Watching it grown and come into full bloom,

Tall and elegant till it grew

And looked down on me!