What Others Are Saying About This Book


Thank you for the gift of your book, which I have read in full and will continue to turn for inspiration. It is a lovely gift to the world, full of those Truths which will bring us to find that place of peace and knowing within.

Cheryl Canfield

Author of Profound Healing

Inspired by his own spiritual quest and writing with true sincerity and genuineness that can only come from the heart of a humble truth seeker, Devadas Chelvam brings forth the beauty, love and joy that are flowing to us from the sacred lives of saints and sages. With his unassuming style of narration he encourages readers to deepen their awareness of the simple timeless truths ever present beyond the pleasures of the world.

Dr. Jyoti Gupte

Former Professor of Chemistry, University of Bombay

“Each chapter reads like a modern day reality story, an adventure into the unknown, where ordinary people follow the courage of their convictions and end up doing extraordinary and miraculous things.  We find ourselves living the lives and walking in the footsteps of these remarkable human beings in their time and in the part of the world where they lived, as they start to experience who and what they really are.”

Dr.William Kennedy

Former Physics Instructor at MIT and President of I Corp. Inc.

“Truly an uplifting and inspiring book!  Devadas Chelvam’s initial rejection and subsequent recovery of faith demonstrates that there is hope for any sincere seeker. When my mind is befuddled by anxiety, anger or sorrow, reading a few pages of his book makes me calm and peaceful.  The stories of the saints reinforce the joy and bliss within us, and stress unconditional love which is the pathway for divinity to shine through us.”

Dr. N. Ranjithan

Nephrologist, Cumberland, MD

“Each era is blessed to have its own great beings who shed light, emanate compassion and provide nourishment for the soul. Dvadas Chelvam’s book is a loving testimony to those beings who have opened his heart and continue to live on in the hearts of so many. Heartfully researched this book is true food for the spirit.”

Pamela Bloom

Author of The Power of Compassion

“How could there be religious or ethnic violence if humans could truly understand the essential message of their true saints and sages, which Devadas Celvam so poignantly portrays in his timely book? The book, therefore, is a great gift for any sincere truth-seeker who wants to start living with the timeless wisdom of the saints and sages of the world.”

Nomi Naeem

Librarian, New York Public Library, Brooklyn, NY

“By reading ‘Limitless Love, Truly We Are That’ my understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ and His principles definitely became more clear and profound. I am pleasantly surprised by the new insights gained while reading this book again and again.

I see this book being translated into numerous languages and sold all over the world. It would be in all the major libraries, and used as a text book to teach religion and spirituality in schools.”

Rev. Francis Xavier

Canon of the Anglican Church, Canada

“It is one thing to just chronicle the teachings of all these mostly well known figures, but to interlink their teachings in a coherent manner proves beyond any doubt the encyclopedic knowledge of the author.

…a book worth reading to understand the teachings of the various spiritual Masters so that we can develop a wider vision of world religions and enhance the quality of our lives.”

Raymond Rajapalan

Monsoon Journal, Toronto Canada

“When we were travelling in China I was inspired to give your book to our young English speaking guide. It is a perfect introduction to questions of spirituality as opposed to the outward remnants of religion.”

Betsy Levin

Allentown, PA

“A great book to speed up the spiritual journey making the saints come alive for us. It is an inspirational, spiritual page-turner. We sincerely wish that the choicest blessing of AMMA be there for you and the book.”

Satysh K. Gopal

Systems Analyst, Banking Industry

“What a moving book! I was so touched and inspired by these stories of holy beings- it made me both laugh and cry. Most importantly I love the reminder the book gives that enlightenment is here, now, and that miracles happen every day – not just something back a thousand years ago.”

Rachael Akohonae

Attorney, New York City

“The joy and love that pervades these individual narratives seem so natural and immediate that we can’t help feeling that this is how our Creator would wish to deal with each and every one of us…To read this book is to sense that God is offering us a ‘Romance with the Infinite.”

Dr. Quincy Howe

Professor Classics and Religion

“This book lovingly demonstrates that the true religion of God-communion is universal, unbounded by culture, race or time. It is a treasure trove indeed- the diamond examples of God-reflecting lives, and radiant stores of wisdom pearls. Plenty for everyone!”

Renate Brosky

Yoga Instructor, Editor

"Let us remove the veils covering the truth of our being, and be aware that we are love."